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What types of vehicles does Sell My Car in Chicago purchase?

We here at Sell My Car in Chicago pride ourselves in knowing everything about Chicagoland Cars – if it has 4 wheels and an engine we specialize in everything from sporty two-seater convertibles to huge 8-passenger SUVs and everything in between. At this time we are not specializing in motorcycles, RVs, or boats.

How do you determine the value of my car?
We want to pay you top dollar for your drivable vehicle so we use an industry standard sophisticated automotive algorithm which takes into account the current condition, year, make, model, mileage, and overall current market demand to get you the cash you deserve for the sale of your car! Click here to get started!
Will you accept vehicles which are under lease or that do not have a title?
We will accept vehicles that are being leased or in which the financial institution is holding the title for a loan. If there is no financial obligation to the vehicle, the title must be present at time of sale.
I own my car outright - what do I need for the sale transaction?
Customers that own the vehicle free and clear of any financial obligations (no loans/liens) will need to bring with them:

  1. Drivable vehicle
  2. Valid government issued ID (Driver’s license, State ID, Passport)
  3. Vehicle registration card
  4. Certificate of Title with all owners present
I am financing the car I want to sell - what do I need for the sale transaction?
For vehicles that are leased or financed you will need to bring the first three items above:

  1. Drivable vehicle
  2. Valid government issued ID (Driver’s license, State ID, Passport)
  3. Vehicle registration card
  4. Provide Financial Institution’s name, phone number and loan account number.
Will I get my cash on the day of sale?
Yes – if you owned the car outright and brought all of the required paperwork, you can sell your car for cash to us and receive a check on the spot!
When is a representative available to assist me with an over- the-phone or in-person quote?

We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the quote and sale of your vehicle Monday through Friday 10 am – 6 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. We are closed on Sunday but will return your call or email promptly the next business day.

When and where are in-person appraisals conducted?

One of our team members will review the specifics of your vehicle and provide you with a quote; a meeting for a visual inspection of the vehicle and Final Offer can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

What are the benefits of selling my car to Sell My Car in Chicago?

Our policy at Sell My Car in Chicago is to offer you top dollar for your drivable car. We have over 20 years in the automotive industry so we have great connections with dealers, importers, exporters, leasing companies, wholesalers – all who want your running vehicle! There is a huge demand for running, drivable cars and we want to be able to provide you with the best possible alternative to get the best price for your car.

Would it be easier to sell my car as a private sale on classified site?
In our expert opinion, no because the private buyer on the Classifieds is looking for a rock-bottom deal, or worse may be paying with bad or fraudulent checks. Let Chicago Auto Warehouse take the hassle out of selling your car and save you the headache and time. Our automotive experts know what your drivable car is worth and we are here to help you get Top Dollar for it!
Do you charge for an appraisal, and am I under any obligation to sell my car to you after receiving a quote?

Our customers get paid top dollar for their vehicle with a no-hassle and pressure-free experience. Our quotes, appraisals and expertise are FREE, and you are under no obligation to sell your car to us.

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