Our Testimonials

"Really the best people you've met. We had great conversations and they gave me lots of great advice about my car and also the usual selling/buying a car. They're not the typical car salespeople you see out there but really experts on cars who want to work in your best interest. Thank you for making the process of selling my car quick, pain-free, and actually enjoyable. I highly recommend this place :)"

Daisy H

"Best car experience ever. I met,with Derrick and within 15 minutes flat, my car was sold. Whenever I decided to purchase a car again, I'm going to make this my first stop."

Joi R

"Loved the experience great understanding makes you feel like you came to the right please would love to do business again."

Joyonta H

"Selling my car was so easy! Within an hour of calling, I had cash in hand for my car. Thank you to Derek and everyone..."

Sally D

"Pretty chill dude. Very helpful. Sell was quick and easy"

Kayla U

"Finally sold my old Bmw , great place and nice staff."

Holly H

"What a great experience. If only buying a car was so easy. The whole process was simple, transparent and very fair."

Kiran C

"Dealing with Sell My Car In Chicago has been the easiest experience o have had with selling my car. Quick, easy, and cash on the spot."

Andrew S

"Best way to sell your car! The process was super easy and hassle free."

Brad G

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